Peter Charters receiving the Keith Ponting President’s Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement.

A richly deserved recognition for his lifetime of service to table tennis.

Open Letter regarding the Membership Elected Director to the Board of Table Tennis England

By Peter Charters, TTE Honorary Life Member.

I put forward the proposition at both the last two Table Tennis England AGMs, in 2021 and 2022, for an additional Table Tennis Elected Director to be added to the twelve strong Board of TTE, thus making four rather than the three at the present time. My motivation for this proposal was to give the playing membership of this country a bigger voice in the running of their sport, a third of the Board being elected by the membership rather than a quarter as it is now. 

At the 2021 AGM, my proposition was narrowly defeated. On that occasion, one of the three candidates for the current position of Elected Director, Neil Hurford, did not support my proposal.

I support the candidacy of Jos Kelly who I have got to know through the National Council Select Committee. He has shown the qualities that I envisage as a sport specific member of the Board. Whilst he is more than capable of contributing to the important functionality and business side of the Boards activity, I am confident that he would be a strong advocate for our sport in England.

The membership Elected Directors need to bring table tennis specific knowledge to the Board, to be supportive of the England teams and to be the voice for table tennis at club, league, and county level. In general, to support the playing of our sport in this country. These Directors need to make a difference to the workings of the Board, the body that now has authority over all matters concerning table tennis in England.

This includes proposals concerning the playing element of our sport put forward by the TTE Professional staff. Some of these proposals and strategies were formulated by staff who had no background in table tennis or experience of the sport at any level.

Certainly, under the previous CEO, staff proposals on matters of particular concern to me, bypassed the Board or were waved through as ‘operational’ when they should have been thoroughly considered by the Board.  That for me is an important reason for a fourth table tennis elected director, so that there is a strong sport specific presence on a Board that is better armed with table tennis knowledge.

In my view, Jos Kelly would not only add to the support of table tennis on the Board but would be able to contribute from his extensive experience in the business world.

Peter Charters.